Experience and The Story

In this life, our greatest source of inspiration is experience. Thanks to it, we cling to happenstances and feelings that etch and embed themselves in our psyche, constituting a huge part of who we are as individuals. Experience is described as having things happen to you, as well as what things we see and do, associated more often than less with a realm outside of the individual’s range of influence and direction.

In stretching the definition of ‘experience’, however, it becomes clear that it is much more than retrospective impassivity at best. Think of experience as the sum of what you are feeling and thinking at times of being, decision-making, dreaming and creating. When experience becomes a palpable awareness of one’s presence, individuals wield immense power in the creation of the story they would like to live.

This is called story-building. In the process of building your story comes the freedom of also sharing it. When we truly seize the essence of what experience can be, the range of narratives at our disposal lean towards the infinite. These possibilities have always been ‘potentials’, but they are now a part of the dominion of the probable.

As we move away from a definition of experience established on notions of external validation and evaluation, we get closer to a portrait of the individual who is less a product of circumstance and more a creator of reality.


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